Turnkey Solutions

Easily installable - in as little as one weekend for many smaller bus operators - scalable, and with intuitive operational features, these systems can be configured to meet the needs of almost any transport system.

A Vix-Questek Turnkey Solution allows the operator to offer patrons their choice of smart card payment products or paper tickets, which can be issued on the vehicle. The system allows you to issue tickets, collect fares and easily manage your revenue.

Flexible Infrastructure
Vix-Questek Turnkey Solutions can be used for a single depot or a multi-depot system. One centrally hosted computer system together with as many depot computer systems and front office devices as required. The devices in the system and their locations, and links to the back office and front office via middleware can all be defined within the system.

Simple Communications
Communications between the on-board front office devices and the depot computer is simply accomplished via Wireless LAN or via GSM GPRS/3G where direct communication between the on-board devices it required.

Back Office
Our Turnkey Solutions provide a complete solution for fare collection and offer all the reporting, management and accounting features you expect and more.

Comprising a number of Microsoft Windows-based applications, the back office allows transport operators to easily and efficiently manage their AFC system, including full reporting functionality, driver management, system configuration and card management.

Configuration Data Administration
Vix-Questek Turnkey Solutions allow customers to configure their AFC system to suit their business, in terms of:

  • Products: Allows product configuration, and including fare, sales, price, access and geographical rules governing the use of products.
  • Base Fare: Contains items related to the calculation of prices for purchasing tickets and fares for travelling.
  • Network Topology: Describes the operator’s network, for example, geographical areas, zones, routes, stops and so on. The system provides basic duty scheduling based on agreed contracts or can interface with an operator’s planning tools so that this information is imported, rather than manually entered.
  • Device Behaviour: The messages and user interactions that are used by Front Office devices are able to be customised and configured by the operator as required.
  • Security Management: Manages users, roles and access rights for the AFC applications.
  • Driver Accounting: Manages the collection and reconciliation of cash from drivers. Also manages the smart cards used by drivers and supervisors to access front office devices. Driver Accounting provides a number of financial settlement and operational reports. Driver Accounting is only used in systems where sales are made on vehicles.
  • Reporting: Enables the transport operator to run standard reports, create ad-hoc queries and manage the scheduling, distribution and archiving of their reports.