Ticket Processors


The TP5800 Ticket Processor enables the driver to sell paper tickets and use smartcards for travel. The TP5800 features a large 4.7” colour display, 24 configurable tactile buttons, an integrated smartcard EMV contactless card reader and an integrated thermal ticket/receipt printer.

With its large colour screen and built in card reader the TP5800 can be used as a drivers console, as a paper ticket sales device and as a backup for on board smart card validators such as the CP6500/CP6100. The TP5800 forms the hub of an on vehicle network with a range of positioning and communications options available such as Wifi, GPRS and 3G.

The TP5800 receives required control and pricing data (control data) from the central system as part of the configuration data payload. In addition, blacklists are received from the blacklist control service. Location data that may be required for checking the validity of and pricing of tickets is received from the integrated GPS module or an external GPS data source. Sales and validation events are transmitted for processing by the central system via the integrated communications module which may be Wi-Fi and/or 3G.

 Vix Technology designed the TP5800 ticket processing unit to meet and exceed the needs of drivers in an increasingly IT-centric world. Based on several generations of Vix Technology ticket processing units, the TP5800 is fitted with a 4.7” TFT wide VGA display. The screen can be used to display menus and text or graphical data such as road maps, thereby allowing drivers to familiarise themselves with a particular route.
 The integrated contactless EMV card reader mounted on the top surface is easily accessible to the driver.

25 tactile keys allow for rapid choice of menu functions.
The keys are divided as follows:
  • Five soft-keys located on each side (left and right) of the operator display
  • Four soft-keys located below the operator display (typically Cancel, Up Arrow,  Down Arrow and Enter)
  • One recessed On/Off key
  • Ten fixed function keys

The functionality associated with the fixed function keys can be indicated on a replaceable printed decal placed around the keys. The keys are backlit using multi-coloured software-controlled RGB LEDs. In a bus environment, these LEDs can be flickered, for example, to notify the driver of an event or alarm.
An integrated ambient light sensor allows the TP5800 software to automatically adjust the brightness of the driver TFT backlight, patron display backlight and the keyboard RGB LED intensities. This improves the lifetime of LEDs and also reduces glare during night time operation.

The TP5800 has an integrated thermal printer for printing tickets and receipts. Access to the printer for loading of the paper roll is via a printer door. The printer is designed with a “clam-shell” arrangement to provide a three-step, front access, easy-paper-reload function (open the cover, insert the new roll, close the cover). The printer uses thermal paper with a maximum diameter of 58 mm.

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