Single / Multimodal Solutions

Hundreds of transit operators throughout the world rely on our proven Single/Multimodal Transit Solutions to effortlessly provide services to millions of satisfied customers every day.

Targeted at tailored small to medium deployments these fare collection solutions are designed to suit a variety of business models, including operators with one or more transport types to be managed centrally. Starting with a range of leading-edge fare collection devices and comprehensive set of standard features, these transit systems have the flexibility to be tailored to meet diverse customer and regional requirements and take advantage of emerging technologies.

In addition to our own range of advanced devices, Vix can offer integration with a wide range of other hardware vendors. Thus we can provide fare collection systems utilising “best of class” technologies which are not limited by “proprietary” or closed system solutions. The ability to interface with existing installed hardware, including gates and readers, allows transit operators greater flexibility and potential cost benefits.

Vix-Questek systems can be used for all modes of transport — including bus and rail.

Our Single/Multi-modal Solutions are:
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Multi-operator
  • Multi-modal