• Realtime duty monitoring
  • Revenue management
  • Operations management
  • Driver duty allocation

  • Realtime scheduled vs operated duty information
  • Optimisation of subsidy claims
  • Revenue/operations integrated in a single realtime system
  • Centralised operations monitoring

Realtime Duty Management

Operations control is the most critical part of any passenger transport system.  Until recently, operators lacked a centralised and cohesive management and control solution.  From controlling the dispatch of vehicles and their drivers from depots and terminals to regulating routes, there is a need for drivers need to conform,  Questek’s fully integrated, centralised, secure, web-enabled platform facilitiates realtime management, monitoring, control and analysis of the fleet and operates hand-in-hand and complements Questek’s existing revenue managment solutions.

A live and dynamic dashboard gives the operator realtime information that ensures regulation compliance, productivity and efficiency, service quality as well as service integrity and mobility.

So now you can monitor the dispatch process in realtime and ensure compliance to the schedule and immediately act upon buses that don’t follow planned schedule and routes, loss of revenue, driver behaviour and performance, vehicle maintenance and much more.    
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