Integrated Payment Solutions

Our Integrated Payment Solution has been the cornerstone of some the world’s largest smart-card payment and billings systems including Beijing, Mumbai, Seattle, Stockholm, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco and others.

It has enabled millions of people worldwide to appreciate the convenience of a smart card for travel and low value payments, with these systems processing billions of transactions per annum.

It allows companies to obtain their revenue in a quick, efficient and secure way, with full financial transparency. With the Integrated Payment Solution providing a low cost of processing transactions while still providing a highly secure and auditable business system, financial controllers will have peace of mind regarding the integrity of their financial data.

The Integrated Payment Solution is:
  • Highly Secure
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Multi-operator
  • Multi-modal

Key Features

  • Secure smart-card capable of multiple applications
  • Electronic purse for transit and retail
  • Transit passes and products
  • Staff cards for access control
  • Bill payment
  • Highly secure card model to avoid card duplication

Financial Services

  • Clearing and settlement between multiple companies and retailers
  • Revenue apportionment on sales and inter-operator bus transfers
  • Financial reporting on sales and revenue
  • Audit reporting
  • Financial exporting to General Ledgers

Card Services
  • Maintains shadow accounts of the smart cards in the back-office and tracks issuer liability
  • Card fulfillment services, for low volume or high volume to a card bureau
  • Gap management for missing transactions
  • Duplicate card, product and transaction detection for fraud prevention
  • Autoload funds management

Cardholder Services
  • Card registration, personalisation
  • Cardholder websites for transaction history and online sales
  • Call-centre integration
  • Customer service terminals for transport service centres

Transport Provider Services
  • Driver accounting and cash management
  • Integration with traffic management databases such as Trapeze and Hastus
  • Bus, heavy rail, metro, light rail and ferry solutions for devices and management.