Electronic Revenue and Behaviour Monitoring

  • Detect revenue pilferage
  • Detect non-paying passengers
  • Observe and record driver and passenger behaviours
  • Monitor passenger overloading
  • Observe speeding and harsh braking
  • Exception reporting

  • Manage fraud
  • Optimise fare collection
  • Decrease vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increase general road safety standards
  • Improved vehicle maintenance

Vix-Questek offers a reliable solution to combat fare evasion.  Fully integrated with Vix-Questek’s electronic fare collection and automatic vehicle location systems, the innovative, compact fare evasion and fraud management devices are designed to accurately identify fare evaders, electronically recording activity on the bus and reporting to the back office environment.

Four digital cameras, integrated people counting systems and uniquely programmed algorithms intelligently detect passengers boarding a bus without paying and immediately raise an exception that can be tracked to time and location of the vehicle.

A realtime comparison between commuters counted and tickets issued provides exceptions when a commuter is counted without a corresponding ticket being issued.

In the back office video footage of the exceptions is available for verification viewing.

In addition the  Vix-Questek’s fare evasion solution assists operators tracks both driver and passenger behaviours.  
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